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Up front, how many times have you wrapped up your life and stocked it, put it in suspended mode, to go adventure?

Guessing that this is a traveller's site, your answers will invariably be similar and affirmative. But hoping that this blog reaches many others who haven't gotten to go out into the world, I ask the above question. You homebodies, you marauders of the local urbanity, you itinerant suburbans, you wrap up you life and stock it more often than you think. But you do it in small, quantified doses. You pack up winter clothes come spring, unhinge pull out couches for family, put away dirty laundry for that fancy visitor you've been dying to have over. Packing up our lives happens constantly, and it unhappens just as constantly, so that we hardly ever notice it. We're all children of Penelope, weaving and unweaving life at every junction. This we call routine.

Leaving for a long trip is taking the darn yarn and and stuffing it, saying thank you and good-bye to the routine. Yet routine is instrumental to its own defeat! We follow a regimen so we can free ourselves of it. For the last months I've been working three jobs while going to school full time, have sold every bit of property I could, and have gotten financially supported (in small contributions that added up to sustaining stipends) by a few very generous individuals, all for the realization of a small dream. I pushed myself in ways I didn't think I could, and recalled...
Five years ago, were you to find me at a party, and had you talked to me about your recent travels, I would've said: "I've always wanted to go there!" or, "I don't know how you do it!". Strange, but somewhere along those five years I figured out how you managed. There is no set how, there is only the belief and the drive. When I began to believe I would find myself in China come summertime, I began to make every move of my body a move closer to the East. The more I snuck upon that eastern horizon, the more confidence I felt that I would succeed. Not to say that I was an iron pillar; in the early spring I spent more money on Toblerone and ice cream than I should've. My work station wasn't the zen focus I wished it to be. I was distracted and aloof as always. I nearly failed an subject. But through it all, here I sit, packing up a small bag for the next two and half months.

We are fortunate, even in an economic downturn, to live in one of the wealthier nations in the world. Fortunes are often squandered, their utmost potential unharnessed. To me, travel is a way to potentiate the opportunities we have, and there is so much money here, so many means to save up enough dough to make muffins somewhere else! Travel opens up our minds, challenges our misconceptions, exposes our hearts and chips away at our ignorance. Why wouldn't we want to "invest" in travel? Just use your imagination, be daring, and take the first step towards that dream.

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